BP 400 AG (PTO Driven)

Download PDFThe Ian Dickie BP400 AG is a robust, reliable, Tractor PTO driven side-tilt Concrete Mixer, supplying 300lts of wet mix concrete per batch. Designed specifically for use in the Agricultural sector or for remote, rural applications, this premium, heavy duty side-tilt Concrete Mixer couples to a tractors PTO as well as a three-point bracket system to attach to the tractor securely. This enables convenient and quick mixing of specific loads of concrete exactly when and where required on the farm.

Type Side Tilting
Capacity Unmixed – 360 litres / Mixed – 290 litres
Production per/h 2.6 m3/h
Dimensions Length: 1700mm Width: 1230mm Height: 1650mm
Mass (without engine) 220kg
  • Lubrication point
  • Cast iron gear ring
  • Drum with reinforced opening
  • 3 double mixing blades
  • 2 conical bearings
  • 3 transmission bearings
  • Reinforced pedal
  • Coupling system