ROL650ID Twin Drum Roller

Download PDFThe Ian Dickie ROL650ID Twin Drum Roller combines high compaction force with ease of operation, making it ideal for effective soil and asphalt compaction applications. The compact design and highly responsive drive system allows for precision operation close to kerbs, walls and obstacles, while the robust and reliable Kubota E75-NB3 water-cooled, 4 cylinder Diesel Engine will ensure many years of reliable use.

Model ROL650ID
Engine: Kubota E75-NB3 (water-cooled, 4 cyl diesel)
Power 4.6 kW / 6.5hp
Starting System: Electric & Backup crank start
Travel Speed: 0 – 4000 m/hr
Vibration Frq: 55 (3300) Hz
Centrifugal Force: 21 kN
Water Tank: 26 L
Grade ability: 27°
Drum Size: 650mm width
Weight: 650 kg
  • Highly responsive hydrostatic drive system
  • 21kN High compaction force for productivity
  • Electric & Backup crank start
  • High-quality hydraulic system components
  • 26 litre water tank
  • Wall clearance on both sides with no overhang
  • Self-cleaning, adjustable scraper bars
  • Foldable handle with locking mechanism
  • Centrally located lifting eye
  • Ergonomically designed control levers with safety push stop device.