ENZ High Pressure Jetting Nozzles

In our experience the most important contributing factor to the effectiveness of our machines is the use of high quality accessories. As distributors of ENZ products in Southern Africa Ian Dickie carry a comprehensive range of these high tech products. Manufactured in Switzerland Enz products are unsurpassed when it comes to workmanship, quality and effectiveness.The range includes retro jet nozzles with replaceable saphire steel inserts, highly effective rotating nozzles and chain flails for root and calcium build up as well as pulsating cutter and drill heads for effective clearing of concrete and other difficult blockages.

Enz are constantly researching, updating and improving their product range to satisfy customer requirements. Enz have also developed Jetcalc, a software programme that instantly calculates the optimal match between nozzle and Jetting Machine to ensure maximum efficiency for the task at hand. JetCalc Light is available for FREE Download below.

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  • Swiss made, ISO Certified
  • High cleaning performance
  • Low water consumption
  • International market leaders