High Velocity Jet Cleaners

Download PDFDownload PDFWhen used in conjunction with our state of the art *Enz High Pressure Nozzles, Ian Dickie’s PX Range of High Velocity Jet Cleaners quickly and effectively remove, sand, sludge, roots, concrete and other difficult blockages in sewer/drain pipes and storm-water culverts. These powerful machines boast flow rates up to 267 L/min at 120 Bar, making them ideal for numerous other industrial applications. Our larger units have the capacity to effectively clear pipes up to 1000mm in diameter.

Name Model
L/Min Bar (kW) LxWxH (M)
WGT (kG)
Flexa Jet PX125/120 125 120 30 3.4×1.6×1.6 1200
Terra Jet PX153/130 153 130 35 4.2×1.8×1.8 1600
Peta Jet PX226/120 226 120 55 4.4×1.8×1.8 1800
Exa Jet PX267/120 267 120 65 4.4×1.8×1.8 2000
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  • Trailer mounted
  • Polyethylene breaker tank sized to requirements
  • High quality triplex plunger pump
  • In-line filter for contaminated water
  • Electric start diesel engine
  • Hydraulically operated hose reel
  • Lightweight reinforced sewer hose
  • Operator friendly control panel