Solar Light Tower

Download PDFThe Ian Dickie IDSLT4 Solar Light Towers are robust, easy to operate, lightweight and portable.
These towable units are particularly effective for noise sensitive applications as they provide silent, bright, energy efficient  lighting using batteries charged via an adjustable solar panel. Ideal for special events, construction sites, security and  many other applications where on-demand lighting is required. This system provides cost-effective bright white LED  lighting without any of the disadvantages associated with traditional diesel lighting systems, such as  high operating costs (diesel fuel, maintenance, labour) as well as carbon emissions, noise, fumes etc.

For a list of applications for this versatile product, please download the product pdf.

Light fixtures 4 x 50W LED
Lumens 20 000
Solar array 550W tilting
Battery bank 900AH
Battery charger 40Amp
Mast 5.5m telescopic
Total weight Aprox 590kg
*40Amp battery charger includes change-over switch and isolator for optional 220V charging if required.
  • bright energy-efficient LED lights
  • 5.5m rotatable telescopic mast
  • silent operation
  •  battery powered
  • automatic solar charging
  • mounted on high speed trailer
  • extendable stabilizer legs
  •  maintenance-free batteries
  •  adjustable-tilt solar panel array
  •  low maintenance
  •  emission free