Download PDFThe versatile Selwood PD75, (Multi Diaphragm Positive Displacement Pump) is a highly effective auto self-priming pump for a wide range of applications such as: oil recovery, viscous liquids and petroleum industry products as well as clean/dirty water, sludges and slurries, high volume jetting and more. Often used for marine applications, such as oil pollution recovery and pollution control it is equally sought after for construction and civil engineering applications. Available as skid, site or static chassis options this environmentally friendly pump is easy to operate and maintain and has an indefinite dry running capability. Ian Dickie carry the full PD range.

Model PD75 PD100
Capacity m/h 30 77
Total Head m 30.5 20
Solids Size mm 6 16
Self PrimingLift m 8.8 8.8
Air Handling l/s 3.77 11.8
Power Required kW 2.5 6
Pump Speed rpm 1450 1000
Inlet / Outlet mm 75 100
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  • Handles oils and sludges
  • Auto self-priming
  • Simple maintenance
  • Indefinite dry running
  • Environmentally friendly