PD75 Positive Displacement Pump

Download PDFThe Selwood PD75 Spate is the ideal pump for oil pollution control applications and has proved its value over many years and on arduous applications worldwide. It is of lightweight aluminium construction and is available with various oil resistant rubber components to ensure continuous and trouble free performance in oil pollution applications. Incorporating features such as automatic self priming, indefinite dry running and superb air handling capabilities, the Selwood PD75 Spate ensures a fast and reliable response in critical pollution situations. The PD75 is also highly effective for handling Petroleum industry products, sludge/slurry, clean water, dirty water, water with fine solids and more.

Model PD75
Capacity (m/h) 30
Total Head (m) 30.5
Solids Size (mm) 6
Self Priming Lift (m) 8.8
Air Handling (l/s) 3.77
Power Required (kW) 2.5
Pump Speed (rpm) 1450
Inlet / Outlet (mm) 75
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  • Handles Oils and Sludges
  • Unique Auto Self Priming
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Proven Design
  • Diesel, petrol, electric drives are available.