Jurop Air Injection Vacuum Pump

Download PDFThe PVT400 is a dry aspirator which does not require auxiliary cooling since it has an air-injection system that permits continuous operation even with completely closed suction at a wide range of speeds. The lobe’s special profile and the sophisticated precision of the connection between the paddles permit high volumetric performance which is translated into smaller size for the same capacity and suction vacuum of up to 90%. The perfectly symmetrical and dynamically balanced lobes considerably reduce the vibrations transmitted to the supporting structure. The injection of external cold air contributes, together with the transfer of the gas by means of 6 distinct chambers, to reducing the pressure pulsations and therefore operation noise. The PVT400 satisfies all customer demands in terms of installation possibilities.

Model PVT 400
Air Flow m3/h 2900
Maximum Vacuum % 91
Shaft Speed r.p.m 2900
Power Required kW 58
  • Suction rate with port free from 750 to 2500 m3 /h in relation to rpm
  • Maximum vacuum of 90%
  • Minimum vibration due to dynamic balancing of paddles
  • Operation without emitting pollutants into the environment
  • Continuous operation capability
  • Highly reliable and maintenance-free
  • No auxiliary cooling systems required
  • Noise below 78 dBA for models with soundproofed box
  • Rigid and small structure
  • Very flexible installation
  • Bearings and internal gears lubricated with oil to guarantee long life
  • Internal labyrinth seals with PTFE/cast-iron mixed segments ensuring
  • reliability and resistance over time.
  • Wide range of accessories available to satisfy all types of system mounting