Ian Dickie Drain Cleaning Set

Download PDFThe handy Ian Dickie Drain Cleaning Set has been developed to offer a highly convenient and cost effective way of cleaning blockages in drains and pipes. The set contains 10 high quality interconnecting flexi-steel rods (choice of 6.5mm or 8mm) and a selection of sturdy tools that will handle years of demanding use. Tools include: Assembly Spanner, Drop Scraper, Rubber Plunger (100mm), Rotating Handle, Double Corkscrew (89mm). All the tools are conveniently housed in a sturdy cardboard tube, making the Ian Dickie Drain Cleaning Set an essential asset to every plumbing and drainage contractor. Available at selected plumbing suppliers nationwide.

  • 10 x high quality interconnecting flexi steel rods. Din (17223)
  • Assembly Spanner
  • Drop Scraper
  • Rubber Plunger (100mm)
  • Rotating Handle
  • Double Corkscrew (89mm)