H150 High Head Pump

Download PDFIan Dickie are proud to introduce the New Selwood H150 which has successfully completed extensive pre-production field tests and is now available worldwide! These specialist pumps incorporate the features of all Selwood’s other prime assisted pumps and meet the demands for high head dewatering applications. With proven design, their simplicity offers easy operation and unparalleled reliability coupled with inherent safety.The environmentally friendly high head range is capable of extended dry running and features abrasive resistant pump ends, ideal for more arduous applications.The pumps are available with a choice of builds, having a wide range of both engine and chassis options. Applications include: High head dewatering, pipeline testing and cleaning, water boosting, temporary fire pump.

Model H150
Capacity (m/h) 450
Delivery Head (m) 109
Max Solids Size (mm) 30
Power Required  (kW) 138
Pump Speed Max. (rpm) 1800
Suction Lift (m) 9.1
Air Handling (l/s) 24
Inlet Port (mm) 150
Outlet Port (mm) 150
Fuel Consumption (lt/hr) 32
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  • Improved head/flow/suction
  • Mechanical seal
  • Selprime
  • Ease of operation
  • Robust construction