Flexible Shaft Submersible Pumps

Download PDFIan Dickie’s submersible “mini centrifugal” pumps are ideal for handling water and effluent containing up to 20% of liquified solids. They require no maintenance and are rust and corrosion free. This type of pump is widely used for pumping and draining on construction sites, tunnels, culverts, water reservoirs, waste water discharge and much more. Driven by a standard power unit and available in petrol, diesel or electric versions.

Model RB 50 RB 80
Outlet Port 2” – 50mm 3” – 80mm
Max Delivery Head of Water 16 m 15 m
Pump Delivery/ Flow 500 l p/m 750 l p/m
Pump Head Weight 6 kg 6.5 kg
Total Weight 20 kg 21 kg
Drive Shaft 6 m flexible 6 m flexible
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