D-25 Handy

Download PDF The redesigned D-25 Handy, hand-held drain cleaner, clears sinks, toilets and bathroom drains smoothly and easily. Operate the D-25 Handy as a hand tool or a power tool by simply removing the turning handle and attaching an electric drill for extra muscle on tough clogs. The D-25 now also sports a durable new plastic container and a rugged new Quick-Grip chuck for maximum performance, flexibility, and reliability. Designed to take the toughest field abuse, the sturdy new plastic container has been drop tested from 2.4 metres, fully loaded, without damage.

  • Turn by hand or remove handle and attach to a drill.
  • Patented Quick-Grip chuck tightens firmly on cable with just a quarter turn.
  • Durable container with comfortable turning sleeve.
  • Holds up to 15m of cable.