BTCM 145

Download PDFThe BTCM 145 is a medium duty, compact and highly portable tip-up mixer, making it ideal for both professional or rental users requiring a hard- working and reliable mixer for small to medium building projects. The BTCM 145 easily mixes a full barrow load of mortar or concrete and when used in conjunction with its stand, conveniently allows for barrow height mixing and tipping.

Type Tripod Mixer
Capacity Unmixed – 130 litres / Mixed – 110 litres
Production per/h 1 m3/h
Dimensions on tripod Length: 1350mm Width: 750mm Height: 1450mm
Dimensions off tripod Length: 900mm Width: 600mm Height: 850mm
Mass (without engine) 58kg
  • Drum with Reinforced opening
  • 2 double mixing blades
  • Work without tripod
  • Position break
  • Demountable tripod
  • Engine with reducer