Big Blue Float

A blue carbon steel float to provide a smooth finish. When used in combination with a screed machine the requirement to power float is often unnecessary, for example house bases, garages, condominiums. The big blue is supplied complete with Worm drive pitch control and three handle sections.

NO. Code Sizes Weight
111990 600mm x 300mm Kg. 4,4
111991 900mm x 300mm Kg. 5,7
111992 1200mm x 300mm Kg. 7,0
111993 1500mm x 300mm Kg. 8,3
111994 1800mm x 300mm Kg. 9,6
111995 2400mm x 300mm Kg. 12,2
111200 600mm x 300mm Kg. 2,6
111201 900mm x 300mm Kg. 3,9
111202 1200mm x 300mm Kg. 5,2
111203 1500mm x 300mm Kg. 6,5
111204 1800mm x 300mm Kg. 7,8
111205 2400mm x 300mm Kg. 10,4
111551 900mm x 300mm With broom & adaptor kit
111552 1200mm x 300mm With broom & adaptor kit
  • Supplied with 3 snap-lock extension handles
  • Supplied with twist handle blade pitch control