• VC150

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    Download PDFA low centre of gravity gives the VC150 excellent stability and easy handling capabilities. Designed to work in confined areas the VC150 compacts close up to columns, walls and kerbs. Trenches, patch work on roads, pool surrounds and foundation fills are easily and effectively compacted.Vibration eliminates the friction between soil particles and facilitates settling at the same time the mass of the VC150 assists in compressing the soil into its most compact form. The vibrations are created by an eccentric element mounted on the base of the machines, which are driven by air cooled petrol or diesel engines. The robust and reliable VC150’s are fitted with high capacity V-Belt pulleys which are deep grooved to ensure ultimate belt stability under the worst conditions. High tensile bolts are utilised to retain the vibrating element onto the base plate. Suspension springs are attached at both ends with rubber mounted high tensile bolts for simple maintenance. Fold back transport wheels are standard on the VC150.

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