• Pipe Sealing Bladders

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    Download PDFDownload PDFPipe Sealing Bladders are a practical, portable and highly durable means of temporary sealing for pipes and cylindrical containers. Moulded from special NR-SRB rubber reinforced with Kevlar tyre cording, these units are ideally suited for use in a wide range of applications such as pipe and sewer section replacement, burst pipes, cleaning and repair work on pipes etc.

    We carry an extensive range to accommodate pipe diameters from 35mm to 1.2 meters.

    Protective sleeves:
    To extend plug life and eliminate superficial cuts on plugs, Ian Dickie carry a range of protective sleeves. These greatly reduce the possibility of damage to plugs which can be caused by debris or sharp objects in the pipe.

    Safety should always be of the utmost importance when installing and using Pipe Sealing Bladders, please download our Sealing Bladder USER MANUAL.pdf as a guide to safe and efficient operation.

    SKU: PSB-1

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