• Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer

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    The popular Ian Dickie ID10CB Direct from Drum, Motorized Bitumen Emulsion Spraying Machine is light and maneuverable, yet extremely efficient and capable of high production.

    Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer Machines, facilitate controlled spraying of bitumen emulsion onto a surface prior to the laying of hot mix asphalt. Whether it is construction of a new road or patch and repair work, these machines form an indispensable part of any road contractor’s fleet.

    Apart from the ID10CB Motorised Cold Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer featured, we also stock the ID10M, Manual, Cold Bitumen Sprayer and ID10HB, Hot Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer. These robust machines are renowned for their build quality and reliability under the harshest African working conditions!

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