Combi Unit 1

Built to suit Customer Requirements

Our Combination Jetting and Vacuum machines offer high pressure water and high volume vacuum capability, utilizing seperate water and vacuum tanks which are sized to your particular requirements and mounted to the truck chassis of your choice.

Ian Dickie also build dedicated Vacuum Trucks which are used extensively throughout Southern Africa to clear septic tanks, cesspits and portable or municipal toilets.

Method of Operation

The Ian Dickie Combination Jetting/Vacuum machines are able to Jet pipes clean using the relevant nozzle or chain flail to clear the line and return the debris back to the manhole. The High Volume Vacuum then lifts and stores the debris in the vacuum sludge tank until full. On clearing the blockage the truck can then drive to the discharge site and deposit the load.


  • Water & Vacuum tank with specially designed rear door and discharge assembly.
  • High volume Vacuum Blower.
  • High Velocity Jetting Pump.
  • Full range of nozzles & chain flails
  • Cyclone Separator.
  • Hydraulic Suction Hose Boom.
Vacuum pump

High Volume Vacuum Pump
HP Jetting Pump

High Pressure Jetting Pump

The Truck Mounted Jet High Pressure Water Jetting machine.


One of the most important aspects of the Ian Dickie Jet Cleaners effectiveness are the accessories. We carry a full range of high quality accessories including: retrojet nozzles with replaceable ceramic and stainless steel inserts, highly effective rotating nozzles and chain flails as well as pulsating cutter and drill heads for effective clearing of concrete and other difficult blockages.

jet accessories

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For more information or specifications on our Truck Mounted Vacuum and Jetting Systems or accessories, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page. Our sales team will ensure that your queries are attended to quickly and efficiently.