Tanya Kruger

Every month we feature an insight into the lives of one of our staff members or associates in order to learn more about the people that make up the Ian Dickie team. This month we interview Tanya Kruger from our Johannesburg branch.

Tanya is an integral and dynamic member of our internal sales team and has worked for
Ian Dickie for 5 years. Originally from Cape Town, Tanya studied Hospitality Management after school (Stellenbosch 2006 - 2008) and then later pursued her interest in accounting, graduating as a Junior Accountant from Damelin (East Rand).

Tanya’s gained her first formal work experience as a Junior accountant for CJ. Viljoen&Kie and later at Loftus Caravan City, where she was appointed Camp World administrator. Six months later Tanya’s strong work ethic and administrative ability resulted in her being promoted to Manager, where her roles included, buying, selling, managing staff, facilitating repairs, promotions and shows. This ultimately resulted in her having to work very long hours, but despite this she says her time there proved to be a valuable learning experience.

Tanya is very enthusiastic about sport and fitness in general, but was particularly keen on hockey at high school, which she continued playing at Club level after school. A highlight was being selected to play in the Eastern Gauteng Provincials for S.A. Country Districts in 2010/2011. More recently Tanya has persued her passion for running, she enjoys long distance, with 10km races being a particular focus.

Tanya loves animals and is the proud mom to a new Weimeranerpup, she also has a Bulldog named “Chica” and a cat called ‘Livinia’, who she adopted from the SPCA.

Family is a very important aspect of Tanya’s life and despite the fact that her dad, step-mom and brother live in Cape Town, she makes a concerted effort to communicate with them as often as possible and visit them whenever she is able. Sadly, Tanya’s mom passed away in 2007 and she still misses her dearly every day. ‘She was my mentor, mom, friend and shoulder to cry on,... today, her memory continues to be my biggest inspiration, encouraging me to follow my dreams and to never ever give up!’ This legacy has also ignited a strong passion in Tanya, to inspire and encourage other people and her hope is to one day have the opportunity to become a motivational speaker.

Other passions include travel, (Tanya was fortunate to experience an amazing holiday with friends in Croatia last year and can’t wait to experience and explore more of the world ). Tanya also really enjoys laughing, joking and just being herself,....ooooh and she loves a glass of wine!!

When asked what unusual or interesting things her work colleagues might not know about her, Tanya is not short of surprises, it turns out that she is a qualified chef, having graduated from the Institute of Culinary Arts in Cape Town. She is also a business owner in her free time, pursuing her passion for empowering others by coaching health, fitness, motivation, leadership and entrepreneurship skills

My question regarding milestones, people or events that have influenced her while working at Ian Dickie is best answered in Tanya’s own words, as follows:
‘Nomsa is my Partner in crime, she gets my craziness and fun but at the same time understands my work ethic and how I like to get stuff done quickly and correctly (she really is my sister from another mother). At Ian Dickie I have learned what a work family is all about, yes, there are ups and downs but like any strong family, we stick together and move forward. The diversity is amazing and we all work as a team, supporting each other and respecting each other. I think everyone from top to bottom at Ian Dickie inspires me and has been instrumental in my learning and growth as a person. I have great respect for Mr Mike Greig and Mr Ian Gie, not only for the way they run their business, but also their humility, generosity and love for their employees (work family), which says a lot about the type of men, leaders, fathers and mentors they are. My Aunt Carol Rossouw who also worked for Ian Dickie (since retired and now living the good life ) was also a big influence in my life and almost like a second mother to me, always there for me and guiding me. Last but by no means least, Mr Joe Knighton, I have worked hand in hand with Mr Knighton since I started at Ian Dickie and it has been a privilege to learn from and work with someone of his caliber and experience.

When asked her thoughts on how technology will affect the way Ian Dickie does business in the future, Tanya says, “Advances in technology are a major factor in all areas of our lives and certainly something to think about. With 3D printers now literally able to build a house, it is not unrealistic to imagine advances in robotics resulting in labour becoming obsolete in many spheres of business at some point. I also believe we will soon become paperless and everything will be computerised and interlinked. Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. will also become crucial in terms of marketing and increasing sales. With regard to this years outlook I believe there will be opportunities opening up for Ian Dickie in Africa, with markets such as Zimbabwe steadily evolving and improving. With there being a general increase in the need for infrastructure throughout Africa I have no doubt there will be opportunities for us to gain new clients and grow sales in the future.”

We would sincerely like to thank Tanya for providing us with these interesting insights and commend her on her energy and  positive attitude to life. We are proud to count her as one of the Ian Dickie ‘work family’ and wish her all the best in her future endeavors..

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