Venturi High Volume Suction Head

Download PDFThe Ian Dickie,Venturi High Volume Suction Head, or Mudsucker is an essential accessory for every plumbing or drainage contractor. The Mudsucker’s suction head uses a venturi system to effectively turn almost any pressure washer into a high volume discharge/sludge pump.

This extremely cost effective accessory has a rated pressure of 250 bar, with a max flow of 25L/minute and head of 2metres. The cast metal suction head is supplied with a 40mm x 4m hose allowing for quick and effective transfer of sludge, mud or soft solids to a nearby tank.

Rated pressure 250 bar
Permissable pressure 280 bar
Max flow rate 25 l/min
Max working temp 90 degrees c
Weight 350 g
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  • Easy to operate
  • Cost effective
  • Cast metal suction head
  • Transforms regular pressure washer into high volume sludge pump