Download PDFThe Ian Dickie High Velocity Jet Cleaner in conjunction with our wide range of accessories, quickly and effectively removes sand, sludge, roots and other pipe blockages. These powerful machines can also be used for numerous other industrial applications such as boiler/tank cleaning, structural/machinery jetting and ship hull cleaning.

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Name Model
L/Min Bar (kW) LxWxH (M)
WGT (kG)
Flexa Jet PX125/120 125 120 30 3.4×1.6×1.6 1200
Terra Jet PX153/130 153 130 35 4.2×1.8×1.8 1600
Peta Jet PX226/120 226 120 55 4.4×1.8×1.8 1800
Exa Jet PX267/120 267 120 65 4.4×1.8×1.8 2000
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  • Trailer mounted
  • Polyethylene breaker tank sized to requirements
  • High quality triplex plunger pump
  • Filter for contaminated water
  • Electric start diesel engine
  • Hydraulic hose reel
  • Operator friendly control panel