C150 Chopper Pump

The CI50 Chopper Pump has been specifically designed to condition liquids that contain a high proportion of solids, organic matter or rags making it the ideal solution for agricultural, industrial and municipal waste handling applications. With it’s hardened impeller and cutter and a cutting action of 3000 cuts per minute, the Chopper Pump is more than capable of meeting the most arduous of applications. The Hydrosub C150 Chopper Pump has been used to great effect in storm-water and sewage treatment works, the paper / wood-pulp industry as well as fish farms where dead fish are effectively macerated into an easily disposable paste. For clog free solids handling performance contact Ian Dickie today to discuss your Pump Solution.

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Model Hydrosub C150
Capacity 270m3 /h
Max Solids Size 100mm
Outlet Port 150mm
Delivery Head 26m
Height 900mm
Width 800mm
Weight 175kg
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  • Non-blocking
  • Hardened chopping impeller
  • 3000 cuts per minute
  • Environmentally friendly Selprime automatic self priming
  • Efficient electric motors
  • Ease of operation & maintenance