Paula Annandale

Every month we feature an insight into one of our staff members lives to learn a little more about the people that make up the Ian Dickie Team. This month we interview Paula Annandale.

Paula is a key member of our Johannesburg Sales Team and has been employed at Ian Dickie since 1st August 2002 (17 years). Paula entered the job market immediately after completing Matric, and initially gained employment at Goskor Forestry, she subsequently went on to work at Corobrik, where she worked for several years. During her tenure at Corobrik, she was able to gain experience in several different departments and seized every opportunity to improve her knowledge and skills by taking advantage of the training courses offered.

I have had the good fortune of meeting Paula in person when I visited our Johannesburg branch in 2018 and recall being immediately struck by her enthusiasm and positive energy. This no doubt explains her response to my question about her passions, hobbies or sports. “Passions, there are so many!, I have a great love for animals, kids and broken people. Running has always been one of my big loves and I am game for any sport that’s on the menu. I love beading, craft work, reading, music, poetry and nature,... the list is endless. However, spending time with my adventurous grandson Christopher, is a major highlight in my life.”

Something that perhaps not everyone knows about is Paula’s great passion for assisting people that live on the streets and that for the past few years she has been actively involved in working to improve the lives of people marginalized by society. Paula also donated a year to a specific orphanage, giving selflessly of her time and assisting with whatever was required of her.

Another lesser known fact Paula admits, is that ever since childhood her greatest wish has been to become a Veterinarian!

One of the stock questions in our Staff Feature interviews is,..What milestones, people or events have influenced you during your time at Ian Dickie?
“Geez, this is a tough one. There are so many that have made an impact on my life especially during hard times. It is really difficult to pick an individual, but Mike Greig and Ian Gie are certainly on the list. All I can say is that Ian Dickie is the family, where,.. at times when there were none, they were there.”

In closing, Paula’s thoughts on Ian Dickie’s future are again best summed up in her own words. “Ian Dickie and Company strive to be the best in all aspects, customer service, excellent products and loyalty to their customers. I trust and know in my heart that Ian Dickie will continue growing and prosper very far into the future.”

Thank- you Paula, for your service and commitment to Ian Dickie and for providing us with these interesting insights into your life. We sincerely wish you, your colleagues, friends and loved ones everything of the best for the year ahead. We are proud to count you as a member of the Ian Dickie ‘work family’.

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