Nomsa Monyai

Every month we feature an insight into the lives of one of our staff members or associates in order to learn more about the people that make up the Ian Dickie team. This month we interview Nomsa Monyai from our Johannesburg branch.

Nomsa started her schooling in Katlehong Township at Samson Primary School and finished matric at Mpotsheng Secondary School before going on to further her studies at Park-Town College in Johannesburg, where she studied Human Resources Management.

Nomsa started her working life in the Customer Services Department at Edgars, where her numerous roles included the handling of customer complaints, returns and exchanges, opening of accounts, credit clerk, cashier and receptionist. In 1999 Nomsa was employed as a receptionist at Ian Dickie’s Johannesburg branch and we are proud to say that 18 years on she is still with us as a respected member of our internal sales team.
When Nomsa started working at Ian Dickie, Nadine Peterson became her mentor and it was through this relationship that she gained a greater understanding of the company and it’s products, Nomsa credits all her colleagues for their support but Mike Greig and Joe Knighton in particular for encouraging her to challenge the boundaries of what she believed she was capable of.“It feels so good to wake up every morning, coming to work and knowing that you are going to have fun while working, Ian Dickie is like a 2nd home to me and the connection between the colleagues across the branches is out of this world, everyone that I deal with including staff members from all  branches are now my dad, hubby, sisters and brothers from another mother. Thanks also to my bestie/baby sis/partner in crime / best colleague that I could ever ask for, Tanya Kruger, who keeps me young by encouraging me to live a healthy  lifestyle and always works with me to organise fun activities for the office staff when required.”

When asked about her passions, sports and hobbies it is clear that the energy and enthusiasm that Nomsa brings to the workplace extends to her private life too. Nomsa goes to bootcamp 3 times a week to keep fit and also enjoys shopping, but most particularly, enjoys spending time with her two beautiful children, her daughter Gugu and son Lufano, who love visiting new and interesting places together.

Something that many people do not know about Nomsa is that she has been a chairperson of a woman’s club for the past seven years. The Royale Ladies Club meets every first week of the month with the aim of raising funds to support any member who might lose a loved one. The club would then assist that member with funds immediately as well as offering support on the day of the funeral by cooking for the mourners. Once a year the ladies get together and go away for a weekend, where, apart from enjoying a new travel experience, also encourage and support each other by discussing topics such as parenting, daily hardships and general issues that affect their lives.

Nomsa’s family are very supportive and she is blessed with 2 beautiful sisters, Nono and Siza, who are also her best friends. They strive to spend quality time together and regularly gather for Sunday lunches. Nomsa’s greatest pride however are her children, Gugu, her 1st born, who is a beautiful intelligent girl and a new addition to the sisterhood and her son Lufuno, a fine young gentleman who is already showing signs of being a good leader, always excelling in his studies and currently a prefect at his school. Nomsa says she owes it to her family that she is always a happy person and feels blessed to have them in her life.

When asked about her predictions for the future of Ian Dickie and how technology has influenced our business, Nomsa has the following to say, “ Ian Dickie has changed a lot since I started work here in 1999, technology is improving daily,..gone are the days when I used to fax quotations, balance the invoices manually and write out quotations by hand, etc. Looking back, I see we have come a long way, sales-wise, the sky is the limit, the calibre of the young people joining the company is exciting and I know for a fact that Ian Dickie is here to stay due to the quality of products being sold. The introduction of new projects, promotions & empowering the previously disadvantaged groups, balancing gender inequality and the plans to transform the company looks good. I’m looking forward to seeing a fully transformed Ian Dickie in the near future and it would be an honour to be counted among the people that carried the flag of Ian Dickie to greater heights”

We would like to commend Nomsa on her infectious enthusiasm and commitment in the workplace as well as offering her a big thank-you for allowing us some insight into her family and social life. We wish her and her family all the best for the future.

Nomsa and her children, Lufano & Gugu.


Nomsa, Warren & Tanya
Nomsa's sisters, Nono & Siza
The Royale Ladies Club.
Nomsa and colleagues, Brian, Nadine and Faith.

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