Nadine Peterson

To all my Managers, Friends and Colleagues at Ian Dickie,

As most of you may know, Friday will be my last day in the office and I’ll be heading off to Mauritius on the 6th December.

Please liaise with Chrystal, IDCPT regarding any queries you have on Evolution and feel free to copy me in as I’ll still be on this email address.

It’s never easy to say goodbye but I am happy to say that I will still be in touch.

I started working for Ian Dickie & Co part time when I was still in High School on the odd occasion making up the 1m Drain Rod Sets and I started work here full time in 1996 straight after Matric as the Internal Sales Assistant to Vera Martin, with my main focus on the Drain Cleaning Equipment. I was only seventeen years old at the time and had to catch a lift to work up until the May when I got my licence on my 18th birthday and could finally drive myself. After a year and a half, I left and went to work for Ster Kinekor Home Entertainment for a period of two years which I am glad about as I got to experience the corporate world.

I then returned to Ian Dickie & Co in January 1999 after Vera had left and took over the position as Internal Sales. I gained a lot of knowledge on all of our products with special thanks and guidance from Mike and Joe. It’s unbelievable how far we’ve come from those days where everything was manually processed. My daily activities included manual invoicing, hand written or typed quotations, recording our transactions on the Cardex system by product, as well as in three massive books, one for Ian Dickie, one for Hill & Howie and one for Vicompac and the dreaded Sales Journal which often had me hunting around for one and two cents (on hindsight preparing the way for what I would be doing today, haha). Back then we still used a typewriter to type letters and complete the CCA1 forms for export and we didn’t even have internet or email! We had to fax everything and who can imagine a life without Google, we had to rely on the Yellow Pages and Telephone Directories. The position I have today didn’t even exist back then, it’s crazy to think of.

I’ve grown up with Ian Dickie & Co, I’ve had my 18th birthday and my 21st , got married to my wonderful husband of 15 years and had two beautiful children that I am extremely proud of.  

I’ve always felt valued as an employee and judging from all the people with long service awards, I don’t think I’m the only one. This speaks volumes about the Founder, Directors and Managers of this Company. I have special memories of Mr Dickie calling me up himself on a regular basis to check on sales and how things were going in general. The Three Ians… Mr Dickie, Mr Gie and Mr Fraser. Mr. Gie, I have the utmost respect for you and it’s been a pleasure working for you all these years. Mr Fraser, always a laugh a minute but in all seriousness thank you for all the input and assistance over the years as well.

A very special thank you to Mike for affording me the opportunity to train, learn and grow with this Company and for all your knowledge, wisdom and guidance over the years. You always have the best interest of your staff at heart and somehow always manage to make time for the queue of people at your door. Joe, one of a kind but a very special person with a heart of gold, thank you for always taking the time out to assist me when I’ve needed it.

It’s been a lifetime working for this wonderful family and I have made some very special friendships along the way. Lynda, who is still a very dear friend of mine, someone I could always talk to and get sound advice from. Desiree, we just hit it off from the get go and together we made an awesome team, keeping the Cape Town / Jo’burg stock flowing and striving to keep delivery dates whilst maintaining a sense of humour and keeping each other sane! Dawn, your kind, caring thoughtfulness is something to treasure, you have such a wonderful way of building a person up and you always think of me, you’re a very dear friend. Ann, Andre & Angus thank you too for everything over the years and for your hospitality when I’ve come to visit, I really appreciate it. But honestly, I have special relationships with everyone I work with and am thankful to each and every one of you for the most memorable years.

We are a real fun bunch here in Jo’burg from the Management through to the staff and it makes it such a pleasant place to spend each and every day. I will miss all the laughs, jokes and banter – I’m just so grateful to have worked with such an awesome bunch of people. To all my Jo’burg friends, I will greet you all personally on Friday.

Merci et adieu 

Kind Regards,
Nadine Peterson

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