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Somero have years of experience working with customers to solve the toughest application or maintenance problems associated with Laser Screed concrete leveling equipment. Every piece of Somero equipment is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operation economy throughout its working life. Below are two examples of Laser Screed Units that form part of the extensive Somero range.


The S-940 provides unmatched versatility and simplicity with increased power and productivity! Available with a fully automated self-leveling screed head, raking/fine grade head, this powerful machine has fewer switches and an easy-access hinged console, making any job comfortable for your operator. It has a foldable elevation beam that provides a narrower profile during transport with the added benefit of providing easy entry to jobsites. The off-set screed head provides less of an overlap per pass. With the option of a powerful diesel engine, this model is unstoppable.



Weight 750 kg

Width 1.5 m
Length 3.4 m
Engine (Standard) 22 HP Subaru EH65
Engine (Optional) Diesel 24.8 HP Kubota DH902
Tyres (Standard) 38 PSI / 262 kPa
Tyres (Optional ATV) 9.8 PSI / 67.6 kPa
Self - propelled 4-Wheel Drive w/ Hydraulic Motors
Screed Head Width (Standard) 2.4 m
Screed Head Width (Optional) 3 m
Rake Grading Head (Optional) 2.7 m


  • Improved floor quality
  • Auger Screed Head can screed on Chaired Mesh, Chaired Rebar and more
  • Raking/Fine Grade Head for raking concrete, finish grading or spreading material (sand, stone, etc.)
  • Auto valve calibration for consistent, unsurpassed performance
  • Rotating head dollies optional
  • Works well with slump as low as 8.9 cm
  • Compatible with the 3-D Profiler System®
  • OASIS Laser Control System
  • Column-Block Protection


The S-15R is a high-performance, sophisticated machine with great value. It has a patented fully integrated self-leveling head assembly which plows, levels and consolidates in just a single automated pass. The plow rakes down high concrete, filling in low spots and the Somero® Quick Pass feature rakes down excessively high concrete without manual intervention. The hydraulically driven auger cuts the surface to grade and displaces excess concrete to the side via a double flight auger and the offset head design. At the same time, the flip-down plow extension pushes concrete further past the auger discharge, minimizing overlaps. Our 6m telescopic boom reaches out over the concrete allowing the operator to reach over chaired rebar and chaired mesh. Columns, pipes, box outs offer no problem due to the ability to rotate around these obstacles while screeding. The powerful hydraulic system controls the elevation of the auger to maintain grade for a much smoother surface as compared to rigid mounting style machines, even with very low slump concrete!



Weight 4,377 kg with 3.0 m Screed Head

Width 2.0 m
Height 2.1 m
Length 7.4 m with 3.0 m Screed Head (transport mode)
Engine (Optional) 44.3 HP / 33 kW Kubota V1505 Turbo Diesel
Screed Head Width (Standard) 3.0 m
Screed Head Width (Optional) 2.4 m


  • Improved floor quality
  • Somero Quick GradeSet System™
  • OASIS Laser Control System
  • Column Block Protection
  • 360° Machine Rotation with 2-wheel, 4-Wheel and Crab Steering
  • LCD display screen with built in diagnostics
  • Compatible with the 3-D Profiler System®


For further information on the extensive range of Somero Laser Screeding machines please make use of the contact page on this website and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be glad to assist with your request.

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