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The Ian Dickie group is internationally recognized as one of South Africa’s most respected manufacturers and distributors of Construction and Municipal equipment.

Our head office and factory is based in Cape Town, with branch offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth as well as a network of agents and distributors throughout Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia. We were registered as a company in 1962 by our late founder Mr Ian Dickie who’s philosophy was to maintain a high level of service with a strong ethical and moral foundation, a philosophy that remains the cornerstone of our business today.

Apart from our own manufactured equipment, Ian Dickie & Co also represent leading international manufacturers, enabling us to provide product solutions to a broad range of industries including: construction, mines/quarries, shipyards/harbours, plumbing/drainage, road/traffic and petrochemical. Ian Dickie are well known suppliers of a broad range of equipment to municipalities throughout Africa.


Ian Dickie left school in Johannesburg at the young age of 15 to take up a career in the Merchant Navy. He trained at the General Botha Naval College in Cape Town and upon graduation went to sea for 5 years. After completing his commission he joined a major construction company as a buyer, there he saw need for a reliable service orientated supplier that could provide a fast and effective service to the industry. He took the bold step of starting his company in 1961 in Cape Town.

In 1967 he saw a pump advertised by Selwood Pumps from the UK but did not have the resources to import them, gathering together what funds he could muster he flew over to the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London, there the people from Selwoods’ were able to gauge the quality of the man they were about to come into close contact with and offered him two pumps on an open account basis. This relationship we are proud to say continues to this day.

The construction sector was not the only area were he saw opportunity and soon the Municipal sector was added. In the 70’s Ian Dickie started to import drain rods, bucket winch and jet machines from the USA. Ian Dickie Engineering were able to adapt the bucket winch and jet machines to suit the conditions in Africa and in fact were the first company to produce the hydraulic powered bucket winch. The Ian Dickie trailer and truck mounted jet machines are legendary and have always been manufactured to the highest standards to meet the needs of the operators.

Although Ian Dickie retired in the early 2000’s he still took an active interest in the business affairs of the company and was able to watch the company grow further under the guidance of the management team that he nurtured and entrusted to continue with the integrity and respect that will always be associated with the name Ian Dickie.

His name, memory and legacy, will live on for many years to come and his steadfast example continues to make us proud to work at Ian Dickie.

Ian Dickie

Ian Dickie 5 May 1929 – 26 July 2011

About Us

The Ian Dickie group is internationally recognized as one of Southern Africa’s most respected manufacturers and distributors of Construction and Municipal Equipment.

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